Child Healthcare Services in Lahore help keep your kids healthy and happy. At Dr. Muhammad Zeeshan Khan’s clinic, we offer all the care your child needs, like shots to prevent illness, advice on eating right, and treatments when they’re sick. We work hard to make sure every child gets the best care possible in Lahore

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The recent studies have proved that the children who are exclusively breastfed during first 12 months of their life are healthier and have reduced incidence of infections & allergies as compared to children who are not exclusively breastfed. so the mother should exclusively breastfed her child for one year and should continue to breastfeed till 2 years of age 

Polio drops should be given as per schedule of vaccination programme and whenever government polio compaign comes. Its important that all children under 5 years of age should receive polio vaccines. The only contraindication to Polio drops is if the child is immunodeficient or critically ill.

Effective  and complete vaccination especially HIB & Pneumococcal vaccines can reduce the incidence of pneumonia by 50-70%. Good hygeine and simple protective measures can reduce the community acquired pneumonia significantly.

Failure to gain weight & height according to age is a serious matter and periodic checking of height and weight should be done in the initial years of life. whenever you notice such problem, always consult your pediatrician.

It’s very important to ascertain the cause of anemia in a child. Detailed history and examination is mandatory. Common causes of these problems are giving a child too much sweets, junk food & bakery items, improper nutritional practices, giving too much milk, not starting solid diet at 5 months of age and worm infestation. Parents should seek advice from their doctors about diet of their children.

There is increasing problem of overuse of different modern gadgets especially laptops, tablets & mobile phone usage in children. It not only has hazardous effects on the health and eye sight of children, it also causes fatigue, poor school performance, depression, anxiety and furious behaviour. Every effort should be made to stop children using these gadgets excessively and only minimal use of these gadgets should be allowed only for a brief time. 

It’s good for children to see a healthcare provider regularly for check-ups. This helps catch any health issues early and keeps them healthy. Our clinic in Lahore can help set up a schedule that’s right for your child.

Healthy eating is key for your child’s growth. Our child healthcare services in Lahore include advice on nutrition to make sure your child is getting all the nutrients they need. You can book an appointment to discuss your child’s diet.

Child Healthcare Services in Lahore

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A Pediatrician is medical doctor who manages the
physical, behavioral, and mental care for children
from birth until age 18. A pediatrician is trained to diagnose and treat a broad range of childhood illnesses, from minor health problems to serious disease