Chicken pox in baby complete body.

Chicken pox in children.

Chicken pox is a common infectious disease in children in Pakistan and outbreaks of chicken pox are occurring periodically from last few years. It is characterized by a vesicular rash. Small vesicles filled with fluid start appearing on the body and then gradually spread out over the face and limbs. As new vesicles appear, the older ones start drying and form a scab. These vesicles sometime become infected too. There is high grade fever and intense itching. Mouth ulcers may occur. This process usually lasts for a week. Diagnosis of chicken pox is clinical. Treatment is symptomatic and good hygiene maintenance. Common complications include pneumonia, diarrhoea, cough etc. It is highly contagious. Children and pregnant women should avoid contact with chicken pox patients. Prevention is through vaccination.

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