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Febrile fits in children

High grade fever in children under 7 years of age can  sometimes lead to febrile fits. The fits occur commonly in children under one year of age and occur when fever is high grade. These last for a few seconds to a minute. The child goes to sleep after that. If fits keep on recurring, the child needs to be investigated.  Whenever child suffers from fits, medical advice from a child specialist is necessary so that the exact cause is ascertained and precise treatment is initiated. Parents need to make sure that fever does not rise in children with febrile fits and they should do sponging and should give paracetamol or brufen to keep temperature low. parents should also make sure that the airways o the child are open when the child is convulsing. Febrile fits is a benign condition and there is no residual damage. Less than one percent of children with febrile fits suffer from epilepsy later on.

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