Does your child remains lethargic and does’t take interest in studies ?

The most common cause of anemia in children & women in Pakistan is iron deficiency anemia. 40% of our children under 5 years of age have iron deficiency . The common cause of iron deficiency in children include poor diet, worm infestation, iron deficient mother breastfeeding, cow’s milk intake and diet deficient in iron.  Iron deficiency in children causes loss of appetite, lethargy, easy fatigue, failure to gain weight & height, breathlessness, repeated infections, reduced attention span and poor school performance. Egg, liver, meat, poultry, dried beans, dried fruits, leafy vegetables especially spinach, fruits especially apple are rich in iron. Iron deficiency can be easily diagnosed by few blood tests. It’s very important for the parents to recognize iron deficiency symptoms and to bring their child to pediatrician for timely advice regarding diet and iron supplementation.


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