children use of laptop

How does excessive use of gadgets affect children?

Gadgets(electronic games like xbox, iPod, home computers, tablets, mob phones, hand held devices) are popular in children these days. As their use is increasing day by day, it is leading to the technology addiction among children. Children don’t pay attention to their posture, screen brightness & screen distance from their eyes. Staring at electronic screen for longer time leads to eye irritation, difficulty in focusing on studies & long term vision problems. These kids also suffer speech delay, attention deficits, ADHD, poor scores in studies, hyperactivity & learning problems. Other problems include anxiety, aggression, depression, shakiness, fast heart rate, tiredness, exhaustion and muscle cramps. Parents should take certain steps to avoid these complications. These include setting time(30-60min per day) for using screen, making them play outside & ensuring adequate sleep of children. We can’t avoid technology but we can avoid health problems with little effort.

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