Baby in dengue fever condition

Dengue in children.

Dengue fever is caused by Aedes mosquito bite. It is usually associated with high grade fever, severe aches and pains in the body, severe headache, pain in orbits/eyes and a characteristic skin rash. Dengue fever causes classical bone breaking pains. 90% of cases are of simple dengue fever and around 5-10% cases are of dengue hemorrhagic fever. CBC on 3rd day shows decreased platelet counts and decreased TLC. Recovery takes 2-7 days usually. Keep a watch on platelets and TLC. Drink plenty of fluids/juices. Avoid coloured soft drinks. If need IV fluids. Complete rest. Avoid Brufen and Aspirin. Use mosquito nets, repellents and wear full clothes to avoid mosquito bite especially in rainy season.

Consult your doctor if you have fever without any obvious symptom.


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