Hepatitis E in children.

There is an epidemic of Hepatitis E going around in Lahore. Every second patients are coming to hospitals with jaundice due to hepatitis E. All gastroenterologists, infectious disease specialists and physicians are alarmed  by this situation. Hepatitis E is a waterborne infectious illness that is especially dangerous for pregnant women and children. Two precautions should be followed strictly to prevent its spread:

1. Hand washing is the most important. Instruct your kids, family members to wash their hands frequently in and out of the kitchen, before and after food intake, in the washrooms.

2. Drink boiled water. Boiling is the only way to kill the virus. Even filtered water, mineral water is not reliable. Eating from restaurants is therefore very very risky as u don’t know their water source.

Symptoms usually include mild fever,abdominal pain,lethargy, nausea, vomiting,loss of appetite and yellowness of the eyes and skin,along with joint pains. Hepatitis E can be easily diagnosed with a blood test. Treatment is mainly supportive with plenty of fluids, bed rest and some medications.

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